Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WOW!!!!! Over a1000 hits.

WOW, over a thousand hits already in one month. That's so exciting!!!! :) I'm glad everyone is checking it out. I would LOVE it if you would leave some comments and let me know how I'm doing and if your liking what your seeing. It really helps me out, and who doesn't like comments.

I just booked my first wedding for September and I'm soooo excited for it. Lot's of good things in the works. I'm in the process of setting up a little studio up stairs in my home, and will hopefully soon have that open. Always learning new things. I've signed up for some classes and I'am very excited about them.

Right now I'm looking for tiny little NEWBORNS to photograph. I'm looking to update my portfolio and would love to photograph your little ones. The session would be free and I would ask you to sign a release form allowing me to use your photographs. Anyone interested please call me at 798-3509 or e-mail me at memoriesforlife@mcsnet.ca. The best time to photograph newborns is during their first week of life.

Thanks for checking and I will keep posting.

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Momo said...

Congrats on your first wedding booking!