Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We often forget about our other loves......Our pets!!!! I know for all my life I've been an animal lover. My pets were my bestfriend. I'll never foget our old lab, Sheba. We did everything together. She listened to me(and even cried when I cried), followed us everywhere, watched our every move, and even let me be in the dog house while she gave birth to her many litters of puppies. They are our constant campanion and never judge us. I even went to school for 2 yrs at N.A.I.T. and took the Animal Health Technology course. It was awesome and so much fun. I did well, unfortunately right after I graduated I had major knee surjery which put me out of work for almost a year. When I could go back, we had moved back to our small town and there were no job openings. When I finally did get offered the job, I was pregnant, and than pregnant again and unfortunatly my knees just didn't hold out. So I was forced to let that part of my life go.

The good part was it let me stay home with my children to raise them and focus on a passion I had let go of for awhile-Photography. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is once we have children or other passions, we forget about our pets. And pets can be a very healing part of our lives. So to remember them, here are a few of my pets. This is my daughter with our new additon, our chihuahua~Stewy. The Chocolate Lab is Champ, and our cat is called Echo. That's our animal family.


Momo said...

Wow, I would never have thought of taking close up shots of animals. Beautiful!

Debbi-Jean said...

great pics of the house pets, especially stewy in the barrel..LOL