Thursday, April 23, 2009

{ Those eyes............. }

I just can't get enough of my little nephew Jaxon!!!! He has the MOST amazing eye's ever!!!!! I could just eat him right up!!!!!

{ My Kids........... }

So, these are my children again!! I took these last fall and came across them and thought I would share! It was a very bright day, but I love the poses!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, I finally had the chance about a month ago to go to Edmonton and do a shoot with my sister.
We've been wanting to try this for awhile, and I must say, it was so much fun!!!!! I wish we had locations like this back home where I'm from. Although, they weren't as easy to find as I thought they would be because I don't know Edmonton all that well. I got the chance to try some angle's and positions that I've been wanting to and my sister was the perfect model for me. Thanks Melissa for being such a good sport!!!!! I've been inspired from other photographer friends, and I think I'am finally finding a style that I like. I'm doing a " Chill Session" with Rob & Lauren this sunday and I'am so looking forward to it!!!! Anyway, I wanted to share with you all some images(which turned into A LOT) so have fun looking and please leave me a note to let me know what you think!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

{ YES, I do have a family........}

So, this is our sweet little Chihuahua STEWIE!!!!! About a month ago, we found out he is dying of congenital heart failure and only has a short time to live. This has saddened our family very much, and is very difficult to watch him everyday knowing he won't be here much longer. My children are taking it very hard and dread the day we have to put him to sleep. So, we decided we would honor Stewie by doing a little photoshoot with him so we would have some beautiful memories of him!!!! I love taking picture's of my pets, but I must say, this was a hard one for me! So, I wanted to share these with you!!!!

These are my four beautiful children. Kayla is 12yrs old(soon to be 13....agggg!!!!) Jayden is 10yrs, Dayne is 7 yrs and our little Premie is now 5 yrs old!!!!!! For those of you who don't know Kwayd was born at 27 wks gestation and was 3lbs at birth. We stayed in the hospital for 9 LONG weeks, but glad to say, we had our ups and downs and almost lost him the first night BUT he is a fighter and and has NO problems at all now!!!! Anyway, I LOVE this picture of them. You can see their love.

This is my Jayden.......8)

and my daughter Kayla.......8)

Dayne, the busy one.......8)

And my little Preemie Kwayd.......Love his curls........8)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{And the winner of my FREE Mother's Day session is.....}

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who entered the draw and for all your beautiful comments you left for me to read. They all touched my heart and truly were an inspiration to read! And Thank-you to all my clients, family and friends, who continue to encourage and support me through this amazing journey!!! So the names were put in a hat, and I had one of the children I babysit, draw the name.  

And the winner is..............{ MANDI B. } CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!  

So if Mandi B can get a hold of me, either on facebook or my e-mail ( or call me at 780-798-3509, so we can arrange the details. Thank-you all again!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{Sweet little Angel.....}

What a sweet little doll Mrs.A was to photograph!!!!! Mom had planned all the outfits out and they all had special meaning to them. What a beautiful family!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

{LOVE.........Sweet,sweet love}

Such a beautiful family, inside and out!!!!!! A joy to photograph!!!! Thanks for being great and for letting me share your beautiful memories!

She was so so sweet, I could just eat her up!!!! Her mother selected her clothes for specific reason's as they all had meaning behind them!!!!!

One of my new favorites!!!!!!