Thursday, September 16, 2010

{ Summer Fun /Plamondon Wedding Photographer....... }

So, this is a little bit of what I have been up to lately! I know I have been a horrible blogger and for this I'am sorry. There are some reasons though, firstly being that I have 4 children at home and during the summer I have no time for anything but them and so now that they are in school, I can breath a little and mabey catch up. Also, I'am working on a website so I don't want to show you all my good stuff right away, so I'am saving that for when I will launch it so you'll just have to be patient and understanding..... because now it's HOCKEY and VOLLEYBALL season!!!!! So with 3 boys and a husband in hockey and a daughter on the senior volleyball team it will be very crazy, so I promise to try my best to keep things updated! It has been a very busy photography season also as I had a lot of weddings, maternity and with that comes newborns and also family portrait season! So, Thank-you for being patient and enjoy the sneeks!!!!