Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Free Session Giveaway...............:)

Hey guy's!!!! Remember I'm giving away a Free Session and the draw is on friday. I see a lot of people are looking but not leaving comments. Please leave a comment for me, it helps let me know how I'm doing. I value all of your opinions......Plus it's a free session. So keep on checking and leave a comment so your name can go in a draw...... Good Luck!!!!!!

Here's a picture from the course I took at N.A.I.T. in photography. I thought it was so cool. We were painting with light. Enjoy and thanks for checking.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chantelle! It's the first time I've had a chance to check out your blog. I can't wait to go through it and check out some amazing pictures! Keep doing what you're doing~~it's great!!!
Stacy Amyotte

Anonymous said...

Love your photography...very creative and beautiful pictures!
Lindsay Palamaruk

Chantelle Turgeon said...

Thanks Lindsay and Stacy! I'm always trying to improve. It's a passion and I'm addicted to it.

Anonymous said...

Here I am, loving it....loving it. Great job on the site and more so on the beautiful pictures. Looks like I found another 'favorite'! Keep up the great work
Diane Cloutier

amanda said...

Love the pictures