Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{ 2010 ST.Valentines Day Hair Massacure/ Plamondon Photographer... }

So, I've finally gotten around to post some pictures form this years ST.Valentines Day Hair Massacure which took place on February 13, 2010. This was my 3rd year photographing this event and once again, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!! The emotions, the dedication that these wonderful people have is nothing short of Miraculous! I'am very honored to be a part of this event every year, and it only keeps getting better and better. We are really hoping to reach the ONE MILLION mark this year and from what I last heard, we are not far off!!!! YEAH.......... Hats off to EVERYONE who donated, collected and especially CUT their hair! Go check out their website at http://www.hairmassacure.com/.

This is Quanteisa Benjamin, a new up coming star! She was amazing!!!!!

This was our YOUNGEST head shaver yet! He was only 6 months old and did AWESOME!!!! He was such a cutie and loved the camera!!!!

This is " Bernard " from Canadian idol. He comes every year to sing and wrote a sweet song for the Hair Massacure!

Some of the " McDonald's "............... amazing, amazing people whom I'am honored to be related too!!!


Anonymous said...

I love them Chantelle! you really have such a way of capturing moments of emotion

Kyla Feschuk said...

Fantastic images Chantelle. They are lucky to have you document this very special event.


nicki said...

Chantelle - your photos blow me away more and more evey year. You are so gifted!! We are so lucky to have you involved!

Tammy MacDonald said...

Hey Cuz, You are CRAZY!! I cant believe these images you posted!! I have goosebumps - ganna have to take a stiff drink to see the rest - its overwhelming!!!
THANK YOU, cant wait for the disk!! Also, thank you for the shout out on the blog, you rock oh humble one!! XO

Justina said...

nice job, Chantelle!