Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{ Mother's Day FREE Session Contest.....}

Well it's that time of the year again for my spring giveaway!!!!! And since the snow is finally starting to melt, what better time than now!!!

This year I decided to spice things up a bit and make you work for this one.
Here's the catch..........I think ALL Mother's are special and in order to Honor you as a mother, I want to hear WHY you think YOU or YOUR Mother deserve this session!!!! In a few words, share with me why You or your loved one(mother, friend, sister, ect.....who is a mother) are important and deserve this special gift to honor you. It's O.K. to nominate yourself....because you are important too!!!!! 

{The Prize}

One free Mother's Day Session, which can include just you or with your loved one(mother, daughter). Also included is a $20 credit towards prints or CD and a coil bound book with 10 images! That's a total value of about $150.


This contest is open to residents within an hour driving distance from Plamondon, AB. The winner can call or e-mail me to schedule their session by May 1, 2009. The session must take place before September 1, 2009! Participants must be willing to sign a model release allowing Memories For Life to use their images for advertising or display purposes. If you want picture's to give for Mother's day, you should book your session right away after the draw.

{What to do}

Join my facebook page(if you haven't already)
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Plamondon-AB/Memories-For-Life-photography-by-Chantelle/53147980975?ref=mf and under this note make a comment telling me why you or loved one deserves this. Or you can go to my blog at http://mflphotographybychantelle.blogspot.com/ and leave a comment under the Mother's day contest and leave one there.

{The Draw}

The draw will take place on April 14, 2009 at which time one of my children will draw a name and the winner will be posted on here and my blog at

Good luck, spread the word and I look forward to reading all your wonderful comments!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have the Greatest Mom in the whole world, I would love to do a mother/daughter session with her, she is my role model and the most wonderful person in my life.

Destiny C

Anonymous said...

My Mom.... she is amazing on so many different levels. She has 3 daughters and she also has taken others like they're her own. She will help anyone out when they need it and put her needs aside for them, when someone is ill she will stay with them until they are better dispite wheather she has eaten or slept. She is the best Mother that I could have ever asked for and I'm thankful to God everyday for blessing us with the best Mother and Grandmother in the world. We love her and that's all that matters because she is Mom...

Heather H

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that my mother is my best friend. She has been there for me throughout everything, thick or thin and has always provided me with a shoulder to cry on. We have daily routines of hanging out with one another and spending quality time together. That is soon going to be changing. I am getting married in a few months and will be moving out. Although we will still be living in the same community on down the road from each other, we are finding it difficult knowing that we will not have our coffee time in the morning, or asking of our hair or clothes look good. My mother is honestly my best friend, and i don't know what i would do without her in my life. Her mother was just as an amazing person, and i see her in my mom everyday. My mom always makes sure that her kids are always taken care of first and will always put herself last. I would love to do a mother/daughter session with my mom for mother's day. I think it would be a great tribute to how much i love and care for her, and a way to help us transition into the new stage of our lives soon. Please consider my mom, I would 110% love this for her.

Mandi B

The Theroux's said...

I've always wanted to do a session with my mom, as I always wonder what live would be like without her.. don't know how I could survive... She is going through her second time of Cancer.. and I cherish each moment I have with her.

I know a session with you would give me beautiful photos I'd have of her forever...

Anonymous said...

My Mom, is the most wonderful woman is the world! I could hang out with my Mom everyday, I never get tired of her. I am a sibling to 7 other brother and sisters, which my Mom raised and did a great job at! She worked so hard putting us through whichever extra curricular event we wanted to join. Mom, after years of taking care of children, finally did something for herself. She went back to school at 47 years old and is now graduated becoming a Registered Nurse. I am so very proud of her!! I would love to have a mother/daughter session with my one and ONLY MOM!

Andrea W

Anonymous said...

My mom is one of those people who's always doing things for other people but doesn't really take much time to do things for herself. We were looking back at old pictures this weekend and there are so few of her. The ones that are of her she's cooking, washing dishes, playing with the kids, etc. It would be great for her to have the chance to feel like it's OK to take some time to do something that would make her feel good and make some memories.
Roxanne D-C