Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{ The Gauthier Family......... }

So, here's another great family that I was fortunate enough to photograph!!!!! The little one's didn't want to cooperate very well, which as we all know this age is a hard age!!!! But we still managed to get some great shots!!!!!! Gotta love the challenge of a 3 yr old! Thank-you Jodi for letting me share your beautiful family! Enjoy....... :)


Anonymous said...

GREAT shoot Chantelle!! You would never have guessed that you had a 3 yr old that didn't want her pics taken! well done!

Jenny Beniuk said...

Thank you Chantelle for the beautiful pictures of my daughter and her family. I will always be able to look on the wall and remember just how blessed I am.

Lindsay Bateman said...

awesome shots Chantelle! I LOVE the lighting in them, and the one in front of all the bails is definitly a favorite! Awesome job.:)