Friday, February 27, 2009

A Mother's Love..... 8*)


 There is nothing like a Mother's love, and especially a new Mother.  So many first.......This little beauty was so much fun to photograph.  She actually was my blog winner from last year that I didn't post yet, so here are a few for you.  Stay tuned for another spring giveaway....coming soon.

  I also wanted you to stay tunned for a new seesion I will be offering......Boudoir!!!!!  A friend of mine has been wanting me to try this for awhile, so I think I'm finally ready.  So keep checking for details.  Just a little Thank-you to all my clients, fans and friends who keep me going.  I couldn't do this without you!!!!!!  Happy looking..... :)

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Anonymous said...

Awwww they are sooo cute...looks like she's whispering all the secrets to life in her ear!! Can't wait for more! great job as always sis.